When it comes to software, any kind of twitch or disturbance in the proper functioning leaves me to conclusion that software is pretty much junk and has no place in my app list. The most important thing when it comes to application usage is that it works.

Our time is valuable, precious and extremely important for the bottom line of our lives. These faulty applications are increasing the time we are spending in front of the unhealthy computers, and as the consequence they are decreasing the quality of our life. Creating crappy and faulty software is almost a crime. I don’t ever want to depend on the unreliable technology. It is 21st century, and there is no price on the value of our time. Good software equals good productivity, higher salary, more things done, and more pleasure in life.

Life is to short to troubleshoot the bugs and errors from software developers. The value is not reflected in the service that software performs, it is also being reflected in how reliable it is. So zero tolerance policy is what I have for the software and apps that I use. If you can’t perform, than you are of no service to me, nor will you get my recommendation. User expectations get higher. Now you truly need to be a good developer in order to create products that will go far and wide into the market.