Realization that there is no pause, break, and there is no entitlement is leaving a strong impact on my thought process. You will always be forced to move forward, regardless wether you like it or not. Or you will be passed by.
Moving to where you want to be is a constant daily grind and struggle. And when you attain positions, if you don’t keep moving, you start sinking. Nobody cares where you were yesterday, everybody cares about right here, and right now, and somewhat about tomorrow.
You always need to innovate in the ways you position yourself against the world, or with the world. Both positions are fine. Things change, and they change quickly. You need to stay on top of them. Nobody owes you anything, and even the people that you believe are there for you, really aren’t. At the end of the day, there is only you, and only thing you can rely on is yourself.
It’s cold and cruel, but in this solitude, you will find the inner strength, this knowledge that you are holding your own destiny, and nobody else’s. It is at the inflection point of your determination, where destiny is shaped. Your destiny is shaped in your mind.
When you know that only constant is change, than you put yourself in the beast mode, making yourself always on the move. Keeping yourself engaged, keeping yourself keeping up with the times, by securing, creating and expanding. Reacting to the ever changing environment, blending with it, and ultimately changing it.
I’ve said it once, in a conversation with a literal marxist: “You’re either swimming or you’re drowning.” Those words came back to me, reminding me, that I better get better at swimming, and I hope that they will ring true to you too. Pushing you to reach higher and further.