Rain is empowering writers inspiration in me for some reason. Listening to depressing music and emulating the mood, to put me in the artistic state of mind.
And it works.
I remember that I’ve read somewhere that depressive mood is good for writers.
And I’ve read it only after I’ve been writing my diary for years up to that point, and most of my writing was conducted in the poor state of mind, where I used to be restless, or anxious, or facing some great uncertainty. Or utterly sad or felt defeated by the world.
Writing certainly has therapeutical attributes, as after a longer writing session I would feel better. Depression is adding a layer of drama to your words. It makes things artistic. Sadness is catalyst for the artistic feel of the words.
But fast forward 10 years, to the present moment, and I am not a depressed person. So my artistic fuel is partially gone, my writing isn’t fueled as an act of sadness. It is intensity of emotions, that is a hook for inspiration. But still, when I want to get myself in the mood, I resort to the songs like these, where I can emulate the emotions that inspire my creativity.