Seems I am pretty consistent lately with my writing. Dishing more than 1000 words a day. Not sure where all these words go to, but the feeling tells me that I am not that far behind Jamie Rubin, and other writing masters out there.

Brett Terpstra said he wrote 4000 words today, and made it like a special, and to me it seems like it is just yet another casual day. I love what I do lately, and I am proud of the progress that I am making.

Now all I want to figure out, is how to pull this data into manageable actionable charts, without having to write in bloody Google Docs. I want to keep my Byword and its clean interface. Writing is not only about dishing out words, it’s also about enjoying every single one of them that I write.

This is one of those days, when I start to feel that I am transforming my most important activity into a habit. In the long haul, this will get me exactly where I want to be.