Today I was listening to my mentor talking about business. It was amazing to hear again, that every single business is determined to fail. When you start your own business, your chances of succeeding on it’s own, are slim to none.


Are you a business owner? Are you serious about your business? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself. I am getting a gist of it. I can’t explain you the attitude about the business, but it’s the very fabric of it.


How you treat your business, that is how your business will treat you in the end. Simple eh? Well turns out that majority of people aren’t ready to take responsibility over their own lives, and furthermore they will whine and cry how bad it is for them.


Oh my God, my boss treats me wrong!? Does this sentence sound familiar to you? Well if you invested some time into your financial future, investing into knowledge and required skill set to set yourself financialy free, you wouldn’t be in a situation where you are depending on someone else to pay your bills.


Reallity of enterprenuer is fucked, the moment he started his business. Business is a baby, and if it only lives in your head, that is the place where it will die as well!


You decide your own level of involment. So, the big question is, what would you want to do before you die?


Have you faced the strenght of this question? Are you responsible enough to take the burden of your life completely on yourself? If you are, you will learn the hardships of freedom.


If you are still reading this, than you truly are an enterprenuer. I congratulate you on that!