I used to get frustrated with all the blogging rules that people came up with. I remember when I just started out I didn’t know any of the rules. Blogging was a pure simplistic form of me expressing my art of writing.
I didn’t care about the length, I didn’t care about the grammar. I wanted to make a mark on the internet and I did exactly that. That blog was profound and meaningful and made me change my life forever. I’ve met quite a couple of interesting people here and there, but in general I learn it’s power.
I remained blogger ever since. And I will keep pushing the idea of blogs, because people tend to express online more freely, than they would in their “real lives”.
So I started giving up on the idea that my articles have to have a certain form. I will freestyle them. I don’t want you to come here trough Google, I want you to come here trough social media, because you’ve already talked with me.
I don’t want to over optimize my articles for Google Juice and Google traffic, I want to move it forward and use it to create new friends and genuine people. If you start following the rules, you are already missing the point.