Hey bloggers, I just wanted to share some of the thoughts, on why I skip subscribing to some blogs and reasons behind it. I have very specific approach to blogging, I see it as a way of genuinely communicating with other people and way to network with other people, creating connection and learning from them. Here is the list of reasons on why I don't subscribe to blogs:

  • You aren't replying to your comments – people invested time in leaving their mark and reaching over to you, if you don't reach them back, I sense it's kinda selfish
  • Your blog design is overcrowded – personally I am huge fan of minimalism and if you overcrowded your blog with banners, widgets and all that stuff, it repels me to a level where I can't see enough of the value to push you through to my Instapaper
  • Your blog design looks to cheap – it might not be overcrowded, but it has one color background that repels me – same as previous just opposite
  • Your blog didn't remind me of subscription options available out there
  • You don't have "a Face behind your blog", if I can't see clear picture of you, I will be more hesitant to subscribe, I want to connect to real people, not brands
  • Your comments require Captcha – this is huge turn of for me, if I can't seamlessly leave my mark on your work, without wasting time, than I will skip reading it altogether
  • You post too much – anyone who has more than 15 articles per week is overcrowding my RSS feed – this was the reason why I ditched Lifehacker for example
What are your reasons for unsubscribing blogs? Or not even trying to subscribe?