We have almost infinite amount of information at our disposal, but the amount of work required to make a correct decision is accelerating. Reviewing every information inside of the ecosystem is a daunting task, so we still need to revert back to the trust model.
The first problem of the information abundance is the way we obtain it. Unfortunately Google’s centralized model is becoming inefficient at providing us the information, because their algorithm is highly gameable, and provides you with garbage information. As a digital marketer, I can tell you with high level of certainty that most Google search results are populated with spam and marketing information, which leaves you with ads as the source of information.
When you are getting into the ecosystem that awards ad positioning based on the advertising budget, you can be safe to assume that the choice is not the best one, but the most expensive one. Advertising is prohibiting the late runners and competition that doesn’t have big pockets.
Google tries to deliver you decent results in organic results in hopes of retaining your trust, but this trust will evaporate the moment you find a better search engine. I feel that competition in search engine platforms is much needed, unfortunately it requires a big budget, as well as advertising. For sure that there is enough room to create a new search engine, that is less prone to spamming the entire internet, than Google does. Unfortunately Google has entrenched control in San Francisco, and that’s where they keep tight control over their platform.

Why is Google Getting Lazy?

Having this dominant position made Google complecant, and they keep failing innovating product after product. The core of the business revolves around 2 products: Android and Google Ads. As long as these two products remain monopolies on mobile and search market, they will keep an upper hand on any new entrants to the market.
The political pressure, the regulatory inovations will for sure curb Google’s power, potentially dominance as well. I will be looking for new players that will enter the search space, and there even may be some players that are here already, but we just haven’t heard enough about them…