College became an institution of indoctrination, with an expense that keeps rising. Applying for college in USA is one of the worst investments you can make in your life. Drop out, save the money, save the sanity, and learn how to learn.
If I was a parent right now, I’d try to find, religiously and ideologically cleansed up high school, most likely a private institution, that will enable the young one to learn. This investment should enable you the lifetime of value that is the equivalent of 5 university degrees.
When you drop out, it’s not that difficult to track the industries that are in demand, yet supply is not there. It’s quit obvious in tech field. Coders are stolen left and right, and these resources are immediately funneled into big corporations. Small and medium businesses would love to compete, but all the kids go to college, that barely teach these skills, and when they do, they underproduce.
Also results of the college are far fetched. They are a guaranteed payout for the banking cartel, as these loans never became stale, and you can’t get out of them via bankruptcy, but the payout of the college is insignificant at best.
Not only pursuing college seems like a waste of resources, it is also a huge waste of time. For the time you spend learning the information that is no longer relevant, you also waste precious time building a skill set. Numerous skills required for the modern world economy, are not taught, but acquired through practice. The school curriculum in general is not based this way.
This is where online learning platforms have nailed it. Learning through doing. Save yourself some headache, and just drop out. Even better, don’t sign up at all.