This question baffles my mind, not only the competition for that niche is insanely great, but on top of that, it’s a boring topic. I can understand a blogger, kicking in an occasional topic on what’s going on with their blogs, or occasional tips.
But writing on this topic constantly is not delivering value to the wider internet population and limits you only to bloggers, while there are countless people out there, who need different type of content.

What is the secret allure of the blogging about blogging?

It’s the instant gratification of the engagement of the blogging community. The fact that we got used to leaving comments on other blogs, and getting t he blog comments in return made us blogging about blogging junkies.
This topic is very interesting for me, because I am constantly striving to get on that bandwagon. While I will never strictly blog about blogging, I might kick in an occasional article that will attract some attention of bloggers.
So what are the reasons behind the large popularity of blogging about blogging?

  1. A lot of bloggers are constantly reading about blogging, therefore tuning in their minds into the topic, and they have endless ideas of their own on the topic.
  2. They are hanging out (on the web) with other bloggers who are blogging about blogging, and they are trying to emulate them, so that they can get the similar results.
  3. Bloggers as an audience are engaging group of people that leave comments.
  4. Their peer group is more supportive than in other niches.
  5. Large numbers of gurus are talking about blogging, and nothing else.
  6. Their Twitter streams get populated by blogging about blogging, that in results creates an alternate reality bubble where everybody is doing the same thing.

These are just some of the reasons why. And I’ve noticed it early in my online “career”, when I’ve decided that until I make it in blogging or making money online, I won’t touch any of those two topics. The best teacher is the person who already did it.

Who are those bloggers anyway?

The fact to the matter is, not all bloggers are 6 figure a year income earners. They are working class, the same way you and I are. And if you read this, in all probability, you are a blogger too, and you work your day job.
And I see bloggers as people who want to get ahead in life, those who want to make a breakthrough, make an extra part time income, up to the full income. And they have difficulties, as any first time entrepreneur would.
For that matter, they read about blogging in hopes they will find answers in building their side empire. Unless we are really smart, we won’t build our empire while on the side. Time is limited, and for the most of the time, our main focus needs to be on the money making activity. And as a blogger, your money making activity is blogging.

My tip for bloggers

Become a blogger, become a content producing powerhouse. Dish out countless articles a day. Believe in yourself, even when you don’t have any ideas left in your mind. Get out there, and do it. Make it happen for yourself, learn how to attract readership and change lives for the better.
And the last but yet most important tip: Don’t blog about blogging.