As many of you, my friends have noticed, my passion for photography has exploded. In fact, as I’ve killed Twitter, my photography passion went even further, as my “flickering through the iPhone” addiction didn’t completely disappear. You will always find me flicking through my phone for some form of novelty.
Instagram doesn’t provide safe space for my best work, and no opportunity to make some $, so I’ve ventured out on other platforms. EyeEm and 500px are making a very competitive pair of applications that yield amazing communities.
However in this struggle I am finding EyeEm dramatically superior, due to the amazing content marketing. When you couple great professional grade content with good community of photographers that are making money, you get a stellar platform.
I haven’t earned a dime, but I am feeling very proud that some of my iPhone photos are reaching Getty image sales platform. This is a compliment to my work in an of itself. Think that so far I’ve got three images feature over there. Commercial license goes for $250, of which I would make $125. Pretty amazing opportunity, right?
You can check My EyeEm account, I promise you will enjoy it.