These last couple of days I really putted a lot of pressure on myself in order to complete the website that I've chosen to invest myself into. After careful keyword research I started generating content and backlinks from scratch. I've made Squidoo page, satellite feeder blogs, which I update trough Posterous. Not only this is your publishing network, it also generates full back up of your blog on various different web 2.0 locations, so you don't need too much to think about it. Now I came to a point where I need to play in Photoshop and I am complete newbie at it. It's putting me trough a lot of bullshit, because the software is not intuitive, I don't have idea, how to crop images and mix and match them in order to get the result I want, so it's one big frustration. But today I've chosen awesome template for my blog.

I finally get the idea of havign a home based business. If someone says it's easy to make money online, they are saying a bunch of crap. It involves a lot of hard work effort and dedictaion that not many people can go trough. I am exhausted from work and thinking of bed as early as 1 am which is not usual for me. Tomorow is the day when I am going to chill out a bit from overloading myself from work and chill with my friends and hit the gym, while I still can.

I believe it's extremley important to keep up momentum with blogging and writing and creating genuine content for your readers. In order to be successful blogger you need brains, I honestly don't believe that anyone can do this, it's so wide array of skills that person needs to posses in himself in order to be successful. Todays bloggers need to know how to shoot videos, how to record podcasts, it's becoming an industry like any other.

I am not sure how this net neutrality question is going to affect our mobile traffic, but I am quite sure we will figure something out. It's totally lame that Obama decided to give in to telecomunications lobby and allow them to manipulate their web distribution. There is no net neturality on mobile devices anymore and that's something that worries me as someone who's working as internet marketer, because a lot of internet traffic is mobile these days and it's huge trend. It's straight off a killer to newcomers in the game. It's same like that in Europe. There is no free launch and everyone will have to give in to corporate interests, which is so so so lame.

There should be law implemented that you can't be selective ISP, if you want to provide internet services, you will have to provide all of the web content without censorship, not this semi politically correct bullshit that serves no one good, except AT&T and Verizon.

Luckily we still have free Internet in Serbia, but for how long? If this is the trend in Western Countries, what kind of an example are they giving to less lucky nations ?