With rampant censorship going on the web I am reflecting on the state of the internet as a reflection of our collective minds. I run back to my old self from 7 years ago, when I was naive and felt much more at ease with sharing my opinions publicly. Those days are long gone, as internet ecosystem became hostile.
I have a sense that we became less trustworthy, less open and less tolerant. These evil companies like Google, Apple and Facebook are collecting our data, using it against us, all while stifling our speech. At the same time far left wing extremist groups are scanning the internet in hopes of quelching any thought they feel is dissenting.
For me This started happening roughly 5 years ago, and it has been accelerating ever since. It has made me self aware of my thoughts, gave me anxieties of sharing my world views.
Being brought up in academic environment, I’ve considered, and still consider, that any view point is valid if it has a basic argumentation, and it is respectably presented. Apparently we are not entitled to opinions anymore, if we don’t agree with the mainstream propaganda.
Internet thought police is out there, complaining full force, in hopes of completely shutting down free thought on San Francisco mafia cartel platforms.

What happens Next?

There is a new hope, and many of us know that internet is broken. Silicon Valley criminal elites became a target that have a big bounty over their heads. The new counter culture is emerging, and it will embrace new technology outside of the narrow minded echo chamber that is becoming incapable of seeing beyond its bubble.
Information wants to be free, and it will always find ways to escape the data prohibition. Internet communities will become smaller and more connected than ever. Data won’t be as open and accessible as it once was, but information will keep flowing in the tight circles of trusted contacts.
Open internet openly died. Idea of openness died and technocratic authoritanians abandoned the principles that grew their empires. In this change of power dynamic we are to witness the new gold rush, where young entrepreneurs will build immutable and censorship resistant platforms to supress the ideological blocked imposed by these digital robber barons.
Good example of the tech giant that only keeps growing is Telegram. It is one of the fastest growing instant messaging platforms, all thanks to its capability to remain censorship resistant. It implies that its immutability and privacy by design is in the market demand. This alone will start moving customers away from poorly created surveillance products.

The Future of Content Sharing Platforms

Youtube is dead, long live the alternatives. Considering that Youtube is censorship enforcement platform, every single intelligent individual understands that vanilla content found on its platform is authority approved content that doesn’t challange the status quo.
If I am not allowed to speak freely on YouTube, than I am willing to go beyond it. This creates enough of centre of gravity to start creating tech ecosystems outside of the mainstream platforms.

Alternative Tech is going to be an organic movement

A lot of free speech activists will make you think that we need to promote and engage in promotion of alternative platforms, but the truth is, these things are happening on their own. They are slowly spilling like water over the full glass.
As content is becoming hidden, it is becoming more interesting. We are coming to an Understanding that with every censored post, awareness of platforms that have forbidden content increases. Once it reaches a tipping point, alternative platforms will come to a point where they aren’t that alternative anymore…

Keep your own blog as a censorship resistant platform

Instead of doing all this tweeting, I will want to centralize all my efforts into a place I have more control over, and that is my own blog. RSS feeds are powering data distribution, and you networking with other content creators is a pretty important aspect of maintaining our digital selves. Build up your own connections that bypass the usual mainstream platform, because that is the only way you will survive the censorship winter.