Income disparity in this USA has an increasing trend. There are still so called perceived freedoms, but they aren’t nurtured, because there are schools out there that are dumbifying The population instead of increasing their knowledge. And when you have government meddling in the nation wide education platform, that’s what you’ll get, a bunch of demotivated complacent fat people on junk food.

It’s easy to control the sheep, when its belly is full. There is no reason to complain, when everybody is like that. And this creates that kind of reality bubble, where it is okay, and not embaressing to be uneducated, overweight and desire to become a celebrity, one day. Where it is okay to brainwash yourself with television and never think for yourself.

You will become rich beyond measure once you start picking and choosing your friends, once you realize how the things you put in your mind affect your income potential. Once you start creating value for yourself and others. And bottom line, what does being rich mean? What kind of rich do you want to become?

Rich with experience, or rich with money? Because I am familiar with a lot of rich people debt wise. They have a lot, and they owe whole lot more. You are never truly rich, if your word is owed to someone else. There is no wealth without freedom.