Need to switch my mindset from using social media to broadcast information, to social media being just a bait. It’s somebody else’s house…
So instead of endless tweeting, I’ll try my best to optimize this web property. Creating content isn’t so much about the traffic, but about way of sharing your personal work notes around the internet, in the spirit of the collective conscious.
While I do sometimes create content for the purpose of organic traffic, mearly keeping content organized makes me feel that I am on the right track.
With that in mind, I need to mention that I will move this website to, away from, as that seems like way more suitable domain name for my personal brand. Especially in the email department.

Managing your Website from the phone

Thing that makes me really happy is the fact that blotting is hand held. While I definitely feel that blogging is facing a major decline, it is still a huge source of reliable website traffic. Also if your content is properly organized, you will be able to serve value to your customers and clients.
Think I wrote about this more then a few times, but I am still fascinated by my ability to crank out content on the iPhone.