We’ve seen it all. For the past 10 years providing services as a web designer, we have witnessed so many abandoned projects out there.

If you by any chance go through Upwork, you will notice projects that say something along the lines: “Our project is 90% finished, we are JUST looking for someone” that can get the remaining 10% done.

Smart service providers that deal with programming will avoid these projects like plague. Who was the person doing the job before me? What kind of documentation did they leave? What kind of programming experience did they have? Why did they leave you as the client?

These and so many other questions always arise when we see issues like that. The biggest reason why is because the project was not paid enough to keep the freelancer interested.

The reality of the freelancing is the fact that most of them are not cut for prolonged work. High quality work requires you to commit long hours, and most Freelancers are working on per project basis. Effective freelancers are working at the minimum rate of $100 to $300 per hour, depending on the sales skill. This is breaking the time barrier of not having enough time.

Good freelancer needs to set aside many hours for prospecting and sales. This is fragmenting their skill set instead of allowing them to focus on your project.

Working with companies is a more predictable experience in generating unique high quality web development work. Employees are not chasing down the next project, the salespeople are. And that is a big difference in the desired output.