We are undergoing a massive change. Unparalleled liberation in freedom of speech and creation of ideas. We live in amazing times.
The more technology advances, the more we are getting detached from physical reality, and artificial realities are becoming the new norm. This alone forces us to deeply think about the status of our health. As we spend massive amounts of time in front of the computer.
One of the realizations in my life is the fact that we’re moving rather slowly. We don’t posses all the knowledge needed to move as quickly as we would want to. Knowledge assimilation is one of the key critical components that we need to cultivate through our life.
A lot of people think that everything stops after bachelor or masters degree, and expect that we will be able to recoup our initial investment into our knowledge until the day we day. However, that is not the case, and being unemployed once your industry was wiped out is a cop out excuse for not investing into your own marketability anymore.
I’ve heard people on the radio complain about this fact. Hey, those old people won’t have a lifecycle of recouping their investment when they go to reeducation later. Like it really matters? You are alive, and you are here to learn new things every day. Don’t complain on the issues of the system, rather fill the growing gaps and needs of the market.