When I moved to Obsidian a month ago, I found myself that I can’t just end Evernote, but I also found certain aspects of the tool that are simply much better than text based alternative. It’s been a while that I was migrating to text files anyway, so Evernote wasn’t as critical point. Obsidian replaced Evernote in areas where it was already weak.

Obsidian became the vault, and Evernote became a storage and a memory lane for all the things I’ve read in the past as a part of my research. This way I don’t have to keep less relevant data in my main storage box. While this division may seem counterproductive, as you have different places for different things, one of the things I’ve learned to worry about overall, is not to over-clutter my search results. My original thoughts matter more, and deserve more organizing and division than thoughts and second hand information that is coming my way.

While Evernote’s utility may continue to diminish, I am finding myself finding relief from utilizing its basic clipper features for now. I am wondering how long will this note taking giant that failed to innovate, I am wondering how long will it remain?

They did make some really massive risks by switching their entire technology stack to Electron. At least they’ve made some risk moves, and I would say somewhat in a right direction…