Sending shock down the system, making it afraid, is a moral duty of a strong and sane individual. Reminding them that the time of being in charge is coming to an end. Dawning to them the new era of Western Civilization, and rubbing it straight into their faces, that hypocritical values that they thought to be good, are going to be forever lost.
Because those values were never good, and our struggle is struggle of strength, and weakness can never be a virtue. For in weakness we will see the fall of humanity. And weakness will either bring us back to strength or into further abyss. And I was never a pessimist. I always knew that there is something to be done about it.
The system and their advocates have been fooled into a false narrative. They have been brainwashed that they are doing things out of the goodness of their hearts. White knights and their cuckolding women fell prey to the “value” of weakness. Their obedience for the handful of silver coins and a comfortable life. They believed that they have been rewarded. “Of course we deserve it, we are good at our heart! We have education.” They said…
But “educated” person is nothing but a fool, and their good lives were nothing but a bribe given out for complecancy of obedience to the false song of globalism. They’ve been bribed into submission. Their intellect seduced into complete obedience, without even realizing that themselves have been robbed of strength, dignity and self respect.
The people that they held in contempt for so long are The people that they’ve hated and shunned under the rug, so they can forget about them, so that they don’t have to see it anymore. These people are coming out in droves. Reminding them that their virtue is nothing but a greedy selfishness, and socially constructed virtue signaling.
They are a slime of this world, and their era is coming to an end. Regardless of the approaching outcomes, the game of numbers doesn’t play into their own favor. The more they push people down, the more difficult it becomes to control the false narrative.
With the lack of control and the increase in the economically and culturally opressed, the system will be brought down to its knees. The stability of the system is its own demise.
The gag order is lifted. It’s time to finally wake up.