Everything is moving user centric. Being in marketing, I can vouch you that this trend isn’t going away. Everything is custom made, by the user for the user. And so will be our politics. The very nature of human communication and fragmented human reality will lead into disillusionment of big government.
Big government tries To enroach, not the individual, but entire groups of people, giving them a common enemy.
Big government will disappear as the player on the scene, leaving room for communities and micro-states. Unless it wants to declare its own people as the enemy. All people will have a right to their own micro sovereignty, even if it is only digital.
We are in a weird state of two groups of collectivists, but this will fragment into bigger number of smaller groups. Every group will want to have its own version of sovereignty from the big government.
This is a tendency. A form of entropy. It will be increasingly hard to keep the cohesion of these fractured entities together. Only way for a main power structure to keep the cohesive power is through conflict.
But balkanization of power, can be a positive thing. We may see the effects of it right now in California and Texas secession movements. Perhaps USA will stay “United”, but with increasing sovereignty of the States, and even going down all the way to the county level.
I hope the future of tomorrow, we become human oriented, oriented to keeping each other happy and alive.