If I had this blog this tight, I would have been way more active writer. But better late than never. Content frequency is important for SEO, as I can see observing Jamie Todd Rubin’s blog. i know his writing wasn’t SEO-ed; and he was still pulling in intense traffic.

Wondering how it will be for this personal blog. Will it only drive Twitter traffic, of will Google let me sneak in some visitors to read my thoughts.

We are actively working on content frequency for Alpha Efficiency. I want to get to a point where we shill out 2-3 blog posts per week; while we also keep them Yoast optimized and internally linked. Having this much content is a scalability issue, but it is also habit based.

Smart companies build habits around content frequency, as they ensure SEO survival and continuity in obtaining organic traffic. SEO is getting more and more difficult to get into, but it is also getting more and more valuable, due to the fact that cost per click is still on the rise.