There are two types of content:

  1. Edited
  2. And Raw

Edited Content

That’s all the content that goes through the proper vetting process, gets an image attached to the blog post, or the podcast that is fully cleaned up. This type of content is much more expensive to produce, goes through vetting and multiple revisions. Generally producing this type of content takes more time than just going with rough drafts and just pushing them out there.

Raw Content

Raw content doesn’t necesserily mean that it is of poor quality. It could be a tad-bit more difficult to read, but it is a stream of consciousness, and every edited piece of content starts raw. What I’ve learned over time is that sometimes I write a piece of content in one swoop, that doesn’t need that much editing, and gets the point accross quickly.
What I call raw content is something that I will start regularly publishing on my personal blog, and I will use it almost as a form of notes. I will cover more digital marketing topics, and will use these raw posts as a way to capture ideas for future articles on Alpha Efficiency blog, where the topics are moving away from general productivity, more to digital marketing business efficiency.

Why Raw content?

Internet waits for no one, and quantity is a part of the quality. The more you produce, the better you get at it. There is one thing that my decade in blogging has taught me, and it’s not to be a judge of my own work. Some thoughts and ideas that I considered mediocre, were in fact ground breaking to some of my readers. You never know how will those concepts impact the people around you.
Internet is more forgiving than you think, so keep producing and sharing. Only front and center things that you are proud of, but don’t be to hard on yourself to a point where you aren’t sharing your great ideas, because of your inner critic.

The Sense of Accomplishment

The main reason why I am not as happy with content craetion is because I fail to publish. I let my inner critic completely overtake the process, to a point where articles are never finished. It is not a nice place to be, and this critic has a lot of power when you have busy lifestyle that is packed with the activity. I hope that me publishing raw content will give ideas to my readers, as well as help me overcome my inner critic.