There was a lot of things that I did in my life. A lot of choices I made that didn’t make too much sense. But eventually they did. They have lead me to this point where I am rediscovering my passions. 

I was into internet marketing, and I paid a lot of attention to it. But at some point, my passion for blogging was devoured by the passion to optimize everything, and that killed my will for writing.

I won’t be the person who is going to sterss much about headlines, to stress much about the tags and meta titles. Those are all important stuff to those people who are pushing out mediocrity into the ether. 

I am a writer. I am not going to mess with all of those unimportant stuff. I am not going to let those stupid things interfere with my creative force, that is unleashing itself upon the white piece of screen. 

I said it over and over again, but somewhere along the line, I forgot, why I was writing in the first place. 

And I wrote tonight. And I wrote some more, and I am still writing. Some things I’ve written in my native language, most of the things I wrote in English. It’s my second nature. It’s exciting to turn thoughts into written words.

It’s amazing how people can connect with you when they feel that you are writing from heart. I remember my old blog. My old anonymous blog. I wasn’t writing it for fame, but I felt like a celebrity. People picked it up and treated me that way.

I am going back to that feeling. I am going back to that consistencty. I am going to that source self. Your own being. Reconnecting your life with a passion of yours. Living through your feelings.

It’s not about editing, it’s not about making it perfect. It’s about making it meaningful. It’s about sending the message. 

And it’s like that, not only in writing, it’s like that with everything in life. This life is too short in order to live it for someone else. It’s too short to be unhappy and do the things that you don’t want to do. 

This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at the time.