Struggling to get Omnifocus URL schematics to work from Evernote on OS X. Strangely enough these shortcuts work from iOS. Not sure how to fix this issue. Any @omnifocus and @evernote geeks out there to help me with the issue?

If you want to recreate the problem here are the steps:

  1. Go to Omnifocus on OS X.
  2. Copy any project as a link (right-click and “copy as link”)
  3. Paste the link in Evernote note
  4. Try making an anchor text out of it (CMD + K)

From this point on, the link won’t recreate itself as a link. And it won’t work from Evernote on OS X. The shortcut will work just fine on iOS though.

If anyone got a solution to this problem, I’d be very grateful, because I want to reference back to Omnifocus from my Evernote notes.