When you have the empty screen, your mind simply starts filling the ideas in. Empty screen never stays empty for long, there will always be something that you will think of saying. That is how I trick myself into writing, because not all the time I will have something to write.

And this is useful for everyone that is creating something. Prepare your clean slate, and let your imagination explode. Immerse yourself with your work, let it mold you, as you mold it. Dive into the ideas hidden inside of your mind, and see what you can come up with.

New Day As The New Blank Page

Every day is a new slate, it’s an opportunity to start over and make it better than yesterday. So I tend not to worry how things develop, as long as I try to make them happen, and something is going on.

My Hidden Enemy

Your only eanamy is status quo, and in my case that is technology. The technology that is keeping my mind busy, and doesn’t let me focus on the things that matter. And that blank piece of paper needs to be filled only with the things that hold value! Everything else is a rip off from an awesome life, and I won’t let that happen.