As a business owner, I face so many interactions and distractions coming from my team, clients, tickets… This has diminished my energy levels, as well as quiet times.

Lack of energy manifests itself in lack of time and mental peace required for reading and writing. I believe that back in the day, when I had office work, I would kill for work from home office arrangement, but it seems that the same problems that plagued me back in the day are plaguing me today. Sometimes even more so, as there is no more distinction between work and home.

This leads to Saturday, and Sunday is the only good time to write with quality. But besides that, I know that social media, poor willpower, and search for quick dopamine fixes are also un-training your mind from deep work capabilities. And deep work creates your best work…

Coping with stress

Stress is also adversely impacting your ability to write and engage in deep work. The more stress you have, the less you can relax. Without a relaxed mind, it is virtually impossible to write effectively. It takes too much cognitive capacity to tune out stress and thoughts around you to create well-articulated content.

As stress also contributes to diminished willpower, people will seek dopamine release in terms of junk food, nicotine, excessive caffeine… And all of these contribute to a jittery mind that dumps your capacity to engage in deep work.

You need to break the cycle and start taking care of yourself. Long gone are the times where you prioritize others at the expense of yourself. If certain relationships stop working and add stress to life, you end them. It is already stressful for us to pick up stress from others.

But besides refusing stress, you need to actively work on habits that diminish it: working out, yoga, mindfulness exercise, naps and good sleep, moderate caffeine intake, and many more habits that we know are good for us. It never hurts reminding people about these.

Micro Victories

All these small changes in behavior do add up! You stop smoking; your oxygen intake improves, your blood flows better. Next thing you know, it is easy to start working out. Count your victories against bad habits daily. Understand that you are an algorithm in a maze, and getting out of the maze is a step towards freedom. To know where you are headed, always visualize your destination. Remind yourself that sometimes you are so luckier than most. 17% of the world’s population is suffering some form of disability. 22.5% of the population has no internet access… Things we take for granted aren’t a given and allow us an unfair advantage, literally.

Many things in modern life are an advantage in and of themselves. Building products, doing marketing, partnering with people with something of value to offer. All of these capabilities are your path to financial and otherwise freedom. But all these opportunities emerge even more vital when you can dedicate your best self to the equation. When you add up these victories together, you create a definite legacy behind your actions. Act as if the whole history will end up being on your side, and it will.

Keep your goals front and center

Give yourself a daily reminder of why you need to step up. Understand the dopamine effect on motivation, and start avoiding quick fixes. One way to keep high emphasis on high value tasks is to lessen your addiction to quick dopamine. Curb your social media addiction, replace it with reading and writing. Create an environment in which you enjoy taking steps towards freedom.