Numerous westerners wonder why Serbian people are so proud. This very question implies to a lack of education of the people in the west, which is not surprising, because “how can one little nation, be considered great in any way?” Hatred towards Serbia and Serbs is mostly expressed by the notable people from the United Kingdom and Germany, but also it is harbored by the globalists, that historically understand the big threat of Serbia, which I will cover in the later portion of the article.
Not to mention that there is a great Serbian envy running around. Most recently, just take a look at Novak Djokovic, and how western media tries to conceal the fact that he is a Serb, but Novak proudly represents the flags of our glorious country, and points out on the crimes against humanity that western NATO countries committed against one small country on the Balkans.
However, in this short instance, I will speak about three very special individuals that I find most important, and three events that changed the history of the world.

Three Most Notable Serbs

Nikola Tesla

This Serbian inventor, that learned tele-communication and engineering before he arrived to USA, where his mind had enough of the resources to allow him the expansion of the polyphasic current, as well as wireless transmission of energy. The entire technological world as we know it, including the household electricity that we use in our households wouldn’t be feasible without Tesla’s invention. The debt of humankind is dramatically owed to the Serbian origins.

Mihailo Petrovic (Mika Alas)

This legendary individual graduated from Prva Beogradska Gimnazija, my high school, and I am very proud to share the same educational background with this legend. Not only he was one of the worlds leading mathematicians, also he was one of the contributors to the creation of the first analogue computer. In addition he participated in World War 1 and Balkan Wars. Great creation doesn’t stumble at the face of war.

Emperor Dusan

The peak of the Serbian history is Dusan’s empire, that was the largest European empire of the 14th century, prior to the Turkish invasion. Dusan established the rule of the law.

Major Historical Accomplishments

Stopping the Islamic invasion of Europe

If it wasn’t for the Kosovo battle, right after the collapse of Serbian empire, there wouldn’t be Eruope and European values today. Ottoman empire lost 75 000 soldiers in Kosovo battle, as well as the Sultan Murat. The internal conflict between Jakub and Bayazit has put the Ottoman empire on the defensive, and it started the decline of this once super power.
Following that, Serbs endured, and maintained the identity and culture despite the Islamic oppression.

Standing Up To The Forces Of Austro-Hungarian Empire and Starting the World War 1

Austria declared Bosnia as its own land, however, Serbs don’t bow down to the will of the autocrats. Gavrilo Princip showed up on this deceleration of annexation, and shot prince Ferdinand dead, at the age of 18, marking the history as the person that stood up to the German supremacy and Reich.
This turn of events pushed towards ending the Ottoman, Russian, Austro-Hungarian and German Empire. Serbian defense of its own country, under the attack of the enemy twice its size, is one of the legendary tales of patriotism.

Standing up to Third Reich and German Fascism

Alongside of the jews, Serbian people were also systematically killed by Germans and Croats through the holocaust, where 750 000 people died in Jasenovac. After Jewish, genocide committed against Serbia was the biggest one.
On the 25th March of 1941, the regent Prince Paul of Yugoslavia and his cabinet succumbed to German pressure to allow Reich forces to move freely through Yugoslavia.
This move was unpopular with the Serb-dominated officer corps of the military and some segments of the public, Large part of Serbian population, as well as liberals and communists. A coup d’etat was launched on 27th March, 1941, by mainly Serb military officers, and the Regent was replaced on the throne by the under-age prince who was proclaimed King Peter 2nd of Yugoslavia.
Hitler issued Furher Directive 25, which called for Yugoslavia to be treated as a hostile state. Hitler took coup as a personal insult and was so angered that was determined in his words, “to destroy Yugoslavia military and as a state”.
It started with an overwhelming bombing of Belgrade (similar to the cowardice NATO bombing of Belgrade in 1999).
The war in Yugoslavia stalled Hitler long enough to face the same destiny in Russia as Napoleon Bonaparte, as he faced cruel Russian winter. The consequences of this are wide known throughout the rest of the history.

Final Thoughts

Throughout the history, Serbian people suffered through numerous hardships, but managed to stay afloat, and bring the worlds finest minds and athletes. Globalists are hateful of our innate disobedience, and like their German Fascists teachers before, they think that Serbia needs to be completely destroyed, culturally, financially and stripped off any dignity.
We can understand this hatred, as envy of glory of Serbian people is immense. Having the culture that brought the minds that contributed to the biggest advancement of the human race, and messing up the plans of the Second and Third Reich, Serbian resilience has shown to be a threat to the slave drivers of the colonial axis powers. With our heritage of sticking a middle finger, and completely messing up the plans of the major super powers of the time, globalists are right to be afraid of Serbia, as it is our legacy to stop the evils of this world.
The recent years humiliations that we’ve faced from, once our allied countries, such as United Kingdom, France and United States, only shows that globalist supervision of these countries is very strong, and influenced by German famous experience (two times).
However, Globalists are right to feel this way about us, as it is our destiny and legacy, to end the influence of the forces of evil, and their vile manipulative tactics, by using reason, freedom of speech and in-discriminatory use of the truth.