So tons of people on Twitter started using Twitter in order to spread more whines about Twitter… Twitter came to a point where it’s commercial status started to grow rapidly.

iOS pushed Twitter to a new level

This is what I find really interesting. Twitter became integral part of my iOS experience and as such, I am firm that it will hold dear emotions to numerous Apple consumers.

On the other hand the developer community is shocked and appauled by their decision to close down their API to certain functionality and certain assets, such as friend connect.

Does this strategy work?

Marco Armnet, a creator of Instapaper did just that! He blocked Twitter from his Instapaper application. Great move! He said it felt great, and I must say, I feel with him!

So it won’t work for Twitter with big house names that can afford a middle finger to Twitter, but…

Seems that Twitter reached a point where it can afford to loose a couple of names and still maintain a huge ecosystem… Same as Facebook did.

*So conclusion is, yes that strategy can work at that size."

Alternatives to Twitter?

Yes, I am looking for alternatives, and I am also looking for a social network with high marketing potential. Tumblr has that feel!

It has that addictive foam factor that hooks their users in, and doesn’t let them go!

This one is quite popular, but it’s not gonna be my network of choice. Somebody made a lot of money on this buzz! Good timing, neatly targeted product, perfect money making machine.

Paid social networks don’t fly, not in my book.


Aside from Tumblr I feel as Google has tremendous potential. Smart search, hash tags, good privacy settings.. Everything is there for a good social media party.

And than add Youtube

My next action…

I am gonna play a waiting game. Pretty simple. As a blogger I need to focus on the network that delivers me results.

Engagement wise, nothing yet beats Twitter for the topic of productivity. Tumblr is giving me the “gut feeling” and Google+ seems like a safe bet. Only thing that I am certain, is that the will have to open it’s doors if they want to maintain their growth.

It is not immpossible to build a paid yearly model, but you sacrifice the scalability of income in the long run. But we will see!