Writing as a mind clearing excersise and a habit. It is not the life, if I don’t have an opportunity to express my thoughts. It is driven by the thought: “Cogito Ergo Sum”. Rene Decart – French philosopher. Without thinking, we are nothing.

Our minds need to be as sharp as we can get them. We need to understand how our body impacts our brain. Perhaps I’ve spent the whole day sitting in front of the computer, and a little bit more of sitting in the car, however at the end of the day I worked out for the second time.

Having adequate amount of physical activity is essential for my well being, and I believe for everybody elses. I mean I understand, some people may be reading this, and feeling guilty of their laziness. Guilt deepens the pain of inactivity even more. It’s a negative habit pattern that emerged due to the years of bodyily neglect.

When you are in a rhough spot with your bad habits, the best thing to do is start small. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Maybe it’s a catch phrase, but it is a powerful one. Habits are what keeps me afloat, when the motivation is low.

Motivation is a sporadic thing, but habits keep you in track when your days are not on the level. Regarding days, I wonder how often are our days a consequence of poor nutrition choices. When I take a look at people that live unhealthy lifestyles, I keep thinking not of the poor choices, but of the poor body chemistry that goes through their organism, preventing them from feeling fullifled, happy and healthy.

The mind and body connection is too strong in order to be overlooked. The path to true happiness lies in thinking and health. When it comes to thinking, you are never to rich that you can afford not to think!