Despite the fact that people think that Spotify has a “bad” business model, I already see them doing amazing things with hardware integration. Linking the hardware with their platform proves to be a genuine experience. Entire office at my workplace listens to Spotify exclusively. Some of them are paying subscribers, however those who aren’t are exposed to ads.

If you come to think about it, Spotify is the new radio, and radio survived for all these years. As we are moving to the next phase of evolution of the web, Spotify righteously took it’s throne as the #1 streaming service. If we can see that online retailer Amazon operates for years on small or no profit margins for years, I am safe to assume that if Spotify comes out first, it will be sold on the vision of number 1 internet streaming service. There is just so much to be gained from running a very social website with a large music library.

All I can say is that I am eagerly keeping eyes on this business and saving up my investment dollars to go towards this project in their upcoming IPO. This is a gamble I am willing to take, by the sheer hunch alone.