We’ve adopted Hubstaff as a company for the past 2 and a half years, and recently we’ve moved away from Trello to Hubstaff tasks for project management. The transition was pretty smooth and seamless, I couldn’t say we’ve worked hard for it, as there was a Trello transfer tool, and moved all the tickets immediately.

While some may call this surveillance capitalism, it allows management God view mode of the work completed for the company. While I regret that Hubstaff solutions are not self hosted, and we don’t own them and control them, they do seem like nice people, and they do provide a stellar service. We’ve went back and forth with them a few times, and they don’t divulge the proprietary information to employees etc.

But when it comes to companies owning even pieces of your data, you can always get a little bit uncomfortable. Definitively not in alignment with our philosophy on how we run things (all our data on our servers as much as we humanly can).

Besides that detail, I feel we’ve been getting a good service from Hubstaff team so far. Chat is readily available and you can report any bugs and errors that are happening with the app. Truly collaborative experience in that sense.