We create so much digital clutter that is getting harder and harder to organize. Come down to the file system itself, we are seeing so much redundancy in place. Part of the reason of this mess comes from system architecture itself.

The core of the issue is inconsistent taxonomy, too many digital systems and bad data habits. I am guilty of all of these myself. But as a digital native it is hitting me harder than it does others. Especially given how many projects I am working on.

Too many applications

The goal is to reduce the number of tools being used, but it is getting harder and harder as days go by. Reducing apps is reducing the information overload.

Too many different file formats

This issue is getting partially resolved when you reject applications that are using incompatible and proprietary file formats. Companies that cause this chaos are not very nice people. Having an uniform file format standard would save us all a lot of headaches.

Back to desktop mindset

Desktop is the ultimate productivity machine, and I regret trying to reimagine my smartphone as a go to default device, or any other mobile device with underpowered operating system. Nothing beats the computer for ultimate productivity.