The whole Russian crisis is a whole lot of BS to be honest. Russia didn’t invade anything. They already had military personnel in Crimea and when those guys stopped by to get cigarettes and a few drinks the western propaganda machine went on raving about the invasion.

There was no invasion, there was not a single person hurt. Stop being stuck up on geo-politics you got no clue about. Russian people are majority of Crimea, and it has been Russian land for 300 years before the last 20 or so after the collapse of USSR. Ukraine never even existed as an entity prior to that. Get over yourself and stop watching too much television.

What is next going to happen?

Nothing as nothing has happened so far. European Union is militarily powerless against Russia and USA doesn’t have strategical advantage of taking action. Black sea is wide shut at Istanbul and any military movement through Dardanelles would be a suicide.

West will proclaim fake sanctions over the few Russian generals and the story ends there pretty much. Nothing really changed. Now move on to the next piece of news, because this topic is pretty much done.