The cycle of innovation and emotions behind why I buy things are important factors in deciding wether I want to support something or not. And I got neither with for the time being. There are startups out there like Buffer that are also freemium (and more expensive) and I support them as they provide me value for $, and have a smart pricing mechanism. And actually respond to concerns of their paying customers. on the other hand doesn’t. I can live with following 40 people, and with current state of affairs, I am not sure I am getting more out of than I am getting out of Twitter, which is free.

Does this mean I quit

Definitively not! I find it still my dominant social network, but with my current schedule and limited free time, I don’t have the energy to keep up with everyone, and 40 active people hit the spot.

What does it mean?

I believe I want to focus more on less, and I am not in a rush to upgrade. I will consider this like an fasting where I will have an opportunity to meet the limited group of people better. It means I’m on a break, and making meaningful again.

After a shorter break, I’ll get back to premium, and hopefully remain lean.