Just activated Feedpress.it for newly found Bojan.tv, and I am quite happy how this blog turned out. Thanks to (Blenderhead)[http://alpha.app.net/blenderhead] and (Darnell)[http://darnell.tv] for recommending me this domain.

I was blowing up my head on how to get it, and now I am doing some final touches. Seems I will be playing with templates and tweaking design once again. When your “personal brand” and self promotion are in question, you as a marketer, need to pay attention how are you conveying an image of yourself.

This is the right direction, there is no social media. The majority of action is happening on your website. Everything else is simply treated as an embassy. You control the user experience, you control the message. No bad privacy options, you know what is out there, and you can take it off any time you want.