Despite me choosing to stick with iTunes, there is a big problem that Apple haven’t solved, and that is sharing the music through various social channels. Think that this is hurting Apple’s bottom line, as it technically isn’t hard to implement. Also if they would to include easy integration with their affiliate platform, think that there would be more incentive for people to actually share paid music.

Spotify is monetizing because of this, as I am logging into it, and sharing their platform, when I want people to listen to what I am listening at that particular moment…

At the end of the day, I have a feeling that Music has not been solved yet. There are numerous instances that need to be fixed in us to get there.

Did I forget to say that social aspect of Spotify is indeed a CORE strength. There is always that voayeristic desire to listen to the same music that your friends are listening to… However as most of my friends are in Serbia, that still leaves me dry when it comes to accessing their musical preferences.