Returning to those 2000+ words a day, days is amazing feeling. It certainly requires a certain brain capacity, focus and commitment in order to get there. I notice a pattern where I am repeating myself, but as long as the words keep coming out of my keyboard, I know that I am on the right path.

Perhaps it is the problem of every writer, that he needs to compellingly write about his writing. Writing is measure of my productivity, so it is one of the most critical components of my daily behavior patterns. When I write a lot I feel like an accomplished person, being able to commit to a heroic deed of creating thoughts and value.

The Victorious Day

Tonight when I go to sleep, I will feel like an absolute winner, and I will sleep like a baby, knowing that I’ve done everything in my power, to make this day truly amazing. I wrote, I worked out and I ate good quality food, as much as it was possible in my capacity. In the reality of my present self. That means that this day, was an amazing day, as I was rapidly progressing to the goals that I’ve set to myself. And this time around, those goals are oriented in three directions:

  • Nutrition
  • Work Outs
  • Writing

And when all those three components are satisfied, that means that my day was better than good. It was perfect.

Positive reinforcement cycle

When you get in a raw mood of just knocking off your goals, you start to spiral out positively. You start thinking of what more can you accomplish today. And in this frame of mind, I am trying to make sure that I am doing everything possible for tomorrow. Having everything ready for another successful day, after this one. Practicing the things from our “Organizing” issue of the productivity magazine.

Once I finish all of this, I will be able to get into the “reading” mode, which will be a calming and soothing reward, for my overclocked brain. Good night everybody.