The era of .tv domain has begun for some of us bloggers. Simple domain name, with your own name on it. And only to know I was brainstorming so hard to figure out what should be my domain name.

Getting .do was a pricey option (100$), but TV is only 25$, which is affordable. The whole switch wasn’t that hard. Import export feature of WordPress works pretty well, and I’ve made the transition effortlessly. As I wasn’t getting a lot of SEO traffic (yet), I believe that redirecting only the domain name will do the trick. Can’t really bother, as last time with AlphaEfficiency, when I manually redirected around 150 urls. That was just a pain.

Now I feel like I have a good website to use for my personal social network. Now in order to bring it to the next level, I need to wait for Pressgram, and photo-sharing will be complete.