The city I’ve visited at least three times. A Mecca of technophiles like myself, one that didn’t impress me. San Francisco is only a nice city during the day, but during the night it is straight up creepy. A city in which everything should happen automagically, however, toxic politics and even more intoxicated, government subsidized zombie corpses, are giving this city away.
San Francisco is edgier than my writing. It is bone chilling. Think that I’ve been in quite a few areas of the world, where you would feel straight up creepy, but San Francisco gloom is beating Chicago south side as well as Parisian suburbs.
San Francisco taught me that technology won’t turn us into better humans. Humans in any shape or form, will still only human, desptite all of the sci-fi progress. It won’t get better, at least not right away. So keep still, and love where you are.