While for the longest time, we’ve been using Upwork to find clients, lately I’ve been working on finding talent from Upwork. The value is in its instantaneousness of the interactions. This year I want to stay way more on top of it than last year. Despite having a team dedicated only to applying for jobs, there are large time pockets, when no one is attending the account, and I’ll personally tend to those out of shif timelines, so we can capture even bigger market share in 2022.

It is a channel that has been working for us reliably well, and it is a matter of having a solid game plan in the new year. I will keep this momentum consistent, in order to guarantee the company growth. Team members that are manning the shifts will allow me to work with the resto of the team, in order to ensure uninterupted flow of timely job applications. One thing I believe is critical for Upwork job proposals is timelines. When you are plugged into work and respond to prospects in real time, you have dramatically bigger chances of closign the deal. And most people are retail level clients, and require only “the gut feeling” in order to make a decision.