Listening to music can be distracting for writers sometimes, but I don’t believe I could make it without music. I am not sure what music does to our brains, but it is certainly spectacular. The closest resemblance to what happens would be a Christmas tree lightning up in my head.

Every neuron dances, like it’s a part of a cosmos itself, pumping out dopamine, and moving me into another dimension. Music alters the reality in a profound way. People claim that listening to classical music elevates IQ, I would love to see that research done on electronic music.

All old genres of music are “not enough” stimulation for my brain anymore. While I might like Rock, Jazz and other genres, electronic music in general is the only type of music which “does it” for me.

And all those people that try to diminish the artistic value of electronic music, think that real world view conforms to theirs. It doesn’t. The fact that you “don’t get it”, doesn’t mean that the rest of us doesn’t.

Electronic music is the logical next step in the evolution of the auditory art.