As my last documents required by NVC are on their way, I am slowly saying goodbye to Belgrade and all it’s glory. Excitement is rising as I am drifting to new world, and a new me. It’s not only that I am moving, I am also moving to a new me. A true test of my maturity.
What awaits for me behind the oceans? I am wondering, how does it feel for you, the reader, who was born on that other shore. How do you feel about new immigrants coming to your country. Are you happy that there are people out there who are drawn by the lure of the USA?
I am wondering…
There are a lot of similarities between USA and Rome. Both were multi ethnic, multi religious societies that controlled wast endless lands. The only thing Rome is much older one.
But the premise is, that we have much more freedoms today, than Romans had back than. While I can’t claim that it’s the absolute freedom, it is still a good freedom, never the less. Best what we had so far as a human race.
##Accidentally I stumbled upon open air gallery…
With the pictures of all the 50 of the States. God those photos were beautiful. From Alaska, to Washington. Alphabetically sorted. One after another, each and every state has it’s allure. And than I knew I wanted to see all of them, live. There’s so much to explore, and go through.
Exceptionally interesting was the picture of the statue of the Chief Crazy Horse. Beautifully carved face in a stone. Amazing statue to stand the test of time. It reminded me of Karl Maj stories that I’ve used to read as a kid. When I was exploring the new continent in the past and in my imagination.
The exhibition was held on one of the most beautiful places in Belgrade, on Kalemegdan fortress. It’s 2000 years old. It was a connection of two worlds colliding in one place. The new one and the old one. Both magnificent, and both part of the same planet, yet so different. And than again, so far away from each other.
The reason why I am materializing that is my imagination. It’s the power of mind. I thought I could do it, and I did it. It might seem like something of insignificance to you, but considering the circumstances that envelope Serbia and USA… It wasn’t an easy task. It was certain something that took me years of work to accomplish.
##Turning dreams into reality
The first thing that I’ve learned from my future country is that you gotta believe in your dreams. Those who believe in their dreams during daytime, are the ones who achieve them. And when you do, it’s a magical feeling. And you aren’t really sure, are you really awake, or you are still dreaming. But when you pinch yourself, you do know it’s not a dream. And you do know, that it was worth it. Every obstacle you’ve passed, of every moment invested, that you gave your WHOLE self in. It was worth it. It was worth it, just to feel this way. The way that you aren’t sure is this real, but you know it is.
##Fulfilling my destiny
Yep, that’s how I feel. I was born to go there, it was my purpose to end up in America. **In country where everyone has big dreams, where I am coming to achieve mine.**