The music is enlightening and reminds me who I was, who I am, and who I am supposed to be. And above all what kind of experiences I want to have in the future. Music Always reconnects you with your why. Why that will give you a reason to push beyond your limits, beyond what you’ve thought is possible and reach out for your happiness…

And when you summarize the results at the end of the day, they will tell you that my life is the exact product of my thoughts on the long enough time line. There hasn’t been a single desire I had in my life, that I didn’t fulfill. And it will stay like that for the years to come. It’s about the spark in your life, and what keeps you going. This day has been an absolute 5. And all I can say, is that the best is yet to come.

Music is a time machine, it reminds me of all the sensations I’ve had while I was growing up. And that growing up was completely different.

Imagine, that you could recall ALL THE MEMORIES at the certain sounds. That is how I’ve managed to live in the past so long, and that is how I was able to engineer my future, and connect it to the present. That is what has kept me sane in this world.

The life is a party, so don’t act like you’re not invited.