Drinking some Starbucks after long work day. It’s never to late for coffee, as I am not watering my existence down with alcohol. This is probably only the second cup, and I am having it, in order to kick start some inspiration up. Yep, despite all of my obligations that I have, I find a little bit of writing therapeutical. Writing is a part of my DNA now, and something that I have to get out there.

The Impact Of Online Personalities

This content overdrive is propelled with a desire to be a part of the global intellectual network that is a tidal wave of the digital renascence. It is like a colony of artists that influence each other, as well as the art lovers. Our struggles are diminishing, and all of our worries are becoming first world problems. How long will this digital dream last, I don’t know.

The Case Against Man Made Global Warming

It’s just Two words: Human Ingenuity. Imagine a world that collapsed, and the trees are breathing out. All these things threaten the catastrophe, whose unprecedented influence can destroy the life on the planet as we know it. Wouldn’t our 7 + billion brains start working towards finding a solution to our collective, or at least selective survival?
Should we worry about these things right now, at the expense of the present?

The Hit Publish Anxiety

As my thoughts are all over the place. Global warming, the impact of online personality and writing (in the reverse order), they create a unique conundrum, understandable to very few. As these topics keep piling, I start to feel anxious about sharing this with the world. But I musn’t feel guilty! It is not a literacy competition, it’s just a blog, for people willing to read, or not.
Getting this thing out, before I fall asleep.