Starting a company was a huge pain, and me being in a position where I am confidently writing that I am a business owner is a significant step. Takes a lot of bravery to walk away from 100k a year job and start with no health care insurance and take a huge risk and go towards your success.

It takes hard work, but also your ability to control your emotions. Controlling emotions is especially hard part, because you are afraid at the same time when you are on the sales call, and you need to exude confidence or you won’t make a sale.

So I have admiration to anyone who has a cash flow positive bootstrapped business. That means that these individuals made something out of nothing. They didn’t get it, they made it. That is a huge difference.

No one asks me about 12 to 14 hour days before I made it. Most people are too focused on how easy I am getting it now. But 10 years of life invested into coming to another country? The nights where I felt depressed and wanted to go back to Europe? No, no one sees that part. Everyone says how I got it easy. But sacrifices that I made, too big…

Starting position matters. And no two entrepreneurs are going to be alike. But we will all keep on winning, if we keep pushing through.