There are so much specific things that I need to do, that I am no longer allowed to write free style. In this society we are rewarded by the amount of the work and quality we can produce, and doing free form writing is not giving me any benefit, except brushing up my personal writing skills and making me feel myself better as a writer, even though I am not allowed to call myself that way, until I actually start living from my writing completely.

It doesn’t matter wether it’s fictional writing, technical, blogging or any type, the bottom line is what matters, and the bottom line is, that your identity is based on what you are paid, not on what you would like to be paid for.

If you don’t put in enough effort and work into becoming a paid XYZ, you are only day dreaming about becoming XYZ. Obviously that can be anything. Whatever you want to achieve, you have to follow up a plan.

It is okay to linger for a while, and build a habit. But once habit is in place, it is time to grow up and move on. Like I am doing right now.

Do you have a dream you want to follow up on?