When you start a blog, you usually don’t have many readers. Keeping the comments on and not getting any is devastating for ones ego. Keeping them turned off will make your blog look better, as it won’t look terribly empty. And over the course of sporadically blogging on personal matters, I’ve found it incredibly amazing to turn the comments off.

The idea behind this blog is not to emphasize the opinion of other people, but to put mine in the spot light. I am not building a community around my personal brand, I am just shamelessly self-promoting my thoughts. Wondering do you keep blog comments on your blog? I am welcoming your thoughts, in the comments 😉

Moving the conversation to Social Media

In this case I want to move the conversation that starts here all the way to social networks like App.net and Twitter. This will ignite my name and bring the conversation where it can naturally evolve, making my blog only a starting point. Some might argue that there is fragmentation in place, but the deal is that proper format of the message is important. And sometimes your point can’t come across in 140 or 256 characters.

Don’t you think it is kinda paradoxical to have a debate on the blog without comments? Let that one sync in a bit for you .