The First Steps Towards Writing

My love for writing back in the high school, where I wrote a short story, which was kinda controversial, as it was kinda sexually pumped up, like striptease with clothes on. The name of that story was alley.

Also I remember publishing my very first poem in the very same school newspaper. That was also the very last poem I wrote in my life. I am not very fond of poems as a way of writing in general, not sure why, but it simply never clicked with me.

From those roots, and making a habit of writing in my diary, I came to a point where I am writing non stop. There is absolutely no way for me to figure out how to organize all of these words that are coming out. Byword is helpful, because it is a starting point of all of my work, but at the end of the day, I just send my work from there onwards to Evernote, this blog, Alpha Efficiency and elsewhere…

Evidence of a change

And I don’t look at it later. Once I wrote it, it’s done. Feels like a stream of thoughts that I never touch again. But somewhere deep down, I know I ocassionally review those words, and I remember who I used to be, because all of those words are the reflection of old me, and I am not the same person anymore.

But all those written words actually help me to better understand who I really used to be, and how I got to the point where I am now. And that is the amazing power of journaling. And than in 2006 it transcended to my first anonymous blog. I was quite spicy back than, that I found power in not revealing my identity, but also not censoring my thoughts. It was quite liberating, as my thoughts were quite open, agressive and sometimes offensive. But they attracted attention, and it fed up to my ego and even got me laid in 2008. (It was the crappiest sexual experience of my life, and the one I wish I could forget).

The career shift

After graduating college, there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I enjoyed banking, but the competition was high, and the banking system was crude system, where you had to go through the ranks in order to get ahead, and I honestly got very affraid of that, and the salaries in the bank were not that great for starting positions. I kinda knew I wasn’t going to do what I wanted, because all the roles I was interested in, weren’t even available in Serbia.

Therefore I focused on what I did best, computers. I knew I didn’t know how to code, but I was pretty good with computers, as I’ve been using them for the whole of my life. Since I started experimenting in this field, my first toy was a blog, a project that I’ve started was called Swarovskimania, and it was made only to entertain people, but after I figured out I couldn’t make money of of it, I moved on to the next project. And that was my brainchild: AlphaEfficiency.

Taking blogging very seriously

My first venture into writing on English language, and boy it was hard at the begging. It felt like a massive chore, but I was so motivated, that I just kept doing it, over and over and over again. It challenged me BIG TIME. And I was tracking traffic, and tracking and tracking, and saw it go up, and up… And I just kept writing. It’s been whole three years, and during the whole of that time, I’ve managed to scrape enough knowledge, personal power and the most important of all, I ingrained a habit of writing, that opened up the new horizons for me. Some that I never thought were possible. While internet marketing is still something that puts food on my table, writing will slowly and surely get there. By knowing me, my persistancy and stubbornness, I always get to where I wanted.

Next Steps

From this point onward, all that is going to happen, is deepening of this gift that I enabled for myself. This elaborate journey of learning who I am on a deeper level, while mastering the craft of writing in the language that is not my native. And I enjoy every single second of it.