From a time to time I stumble upon an idiocracy of an article where you implicitly have a full fledged understanding that person has no understanding of success, nor what it means to be successful.

Specifically in the before mentioned article, there was lack of awareness of what it means to be successful. The whole article was talking about expectation of society and how they affect successful people. How there might be a fear of burning out and failing expectations of your boss, of your woman.

By reading it, I implicitly understood that this person is not suitable to write about success, however he has a full fledged right to talk about mediocrity. It was one mediocre article, written to conform the norm of mediocrity and justify any type of laziness in the society.

My moment of epiphany

As I was reading it, slowly but surely my confidence kicked in. If there are weak minded people out there, willing to try writing as their career and being happy about being mediocre, what kind of space does it leave me with?

If there are people out there willing to be mediocre, than there is less competition in the area of being excellent. If there are people out there who want to be writers without challenging their comfort zone, than it means that there isn’t that much competition out there in my pursuit of excellence.