If the era of the fake news has taught us about lies, imagine how much it teaches us about fake history. We are living in the dogmas of the ruling elite, and we stubbornly act to defend it. People do not know much, but their psychology is completely hijacked. If you want to have a winners mentality, your mind needs to question the unquestionable, operate with the belief that everything we hold true is a lie, and act accordingly.
Your world view is everything, and you need to challenge it, so it operates in a way that is productive and productive for you. Not all lies need to be demystified, and telling the truth when everyone else believes lies with strong emotions can be quite dangerous. Truth is not virtuous, when it is harming you. Actions that deliberate your own self advancement are what counts. Your own actions should be concealed yet reveal your true strength and purpose.
I said some stupid shit, because I believed in the truth, but my entire heritage could be broken to pieces because of saying the truth. While I do not advocate for lying, staying quite, and not being loud about self evident truths is probably the best way to protect oneself.
But your first step, when waking up from the Matrix is to realize that you can’t talk people out of the Matrix. There are things that are simply dangerous to say, and if you encounter those things, mearly observe them. What happens to these people that are speaking out, is what could well happen to you, if you chose to follow this path.
You don’t really need to go far to see people that are being de-platformed, antagonized, and pushed off of the internet. Terrible things happen to those that speak the truth.
Don’t be one of those people that go silently into the dark. Do not let these vile forces push you into an oblivion and censorship. Your life force has much more to offer by fighting silently. Claim victories against those that censor, by exposing them briefly, verbally, in darkness. All these little cuts do add up, and we are all a part of this fight.
Make other people aware by showing them the obvious inconsistencies in the environment. Expose those that harm others, but do it silently. Your word face to face, holds more value And Power, than any social media post. The silent revolution begins, stay protected.